Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Olympics Volleyball Women - History

In 1964, Japan hosted the volleyball Olympic tournamen and won the opening edition. Then they again won against Soviet Union in 1968, 1972 and 1976.The 1980 year was led by an American boycott and left many strong teams like South Koria and Japan out of the game.

Again in 1984, a boycott occurred by Eastern Bloc and many strong team like East Germany, Cuba nad the USSR missed the opurtunity to participate. Anyhow the China won the finals with a great hard work. With eastern and western nations again involved in the Olympics, the USSR obtained a remarkable victory over Peru after trailing 0-2 in 1988’s finals. This was the most dramatic female match according to the official FIVB's first century tape. However, the 1988 games were marred by the boycott of Cuba.

1992 saw a new force go down in Olympic history: organized under the name Unified Team, the remnants of former Soviet Union went as far as the finals, but did not resist the power play of the young, rising Cuban squad. Led by superstars Mireya Luis and Regla Torres, Cuba would eventually set the record for consecutive wins in the Olympic Games by also taking the gold in 1996 and2000.

China again won the finals of 2004, Russia beaten the Brazil and stand Second in the Games in a very great semifinal match.2008 became a year of the Brazil who won the gold medal and China got the bronze.

The twelve editions of the Volleyball Olympic Tournament were won by only five different countries: Brazil, Soviet Union, Cuba, China and Japan.

Volleyball is a popular sport invented by William G. Morgan in 1895. Volleyball is managed by Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB). Volleyball is part of Olympic Games since 1924. Volleyball competition during London 2012 Olympic will take place from Saturday 28th July to Sunday 12th August at Earls Court. Volleyball fans can have Olympic Volleyball Tickets from Sport Ticket Exchange.

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